D80 Sample Images at Impress/Japan

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Jola013 Senior Member • Posts: 1,847
Re: Jola, I guess you're one of the very few ...

David Chin wrote:

... who don't mind having two sets of cards with different formats,
at least, I think so, based on the # of SD-bashing threads

But yeah, going back to what you said, it does seem from the
initial set of high-ISO D80 images (vs the initial ones when the
D200 was just announced) that Nikon did something with noise
reduction - I wonder how?

Hi David

Yes, I have resigned myself to having both SD and CF. Actually, I'm considering selling all my CF cards and using SD in the D200, via my Panasonic adapter. But I will probably keep a few.

As for the D80 noise, hopefully Nikon can implement the same thing in the D200 via a firmware upgrade. But maybe they have tweaked the D80 hardware, we will just have to wait and see.

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