D80 Sample Images at Impress/Japan

Started Aug 17, 2006 | Discussions thread
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So : D200 For Speed & D80 For Hi-ISO ?

I am quite impressed with the results of this thread.

My D70 was pretty good at iso 1600, but I have now sold it and have just the D200, which is not as bad at high iso's as people say, but it is really not great over iso 800.

I need a backup camera, so if I get the D80 then I should have the best of both worlds. If I use the right camera for the job, then I should be able to cover pretty much everything with the D200/D80 combo.

D200 : MLU, High speed, etc.

D80 : Travel, High iso, etc.

I also need two cameras to avoid excessive lens changes in dusty environments, also for speed (ie being ready with the right lens). In this scenario the cameras will be interchangeable.

Maybe Nikon can also pull a bit more out of the D200 sensor with a firmware upgrade.

The D80 - SD thing doesn't bother me, at one point I was using a D70/D50 combination - no problem.

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