D80 Sample Images at Impress/Japan

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sandy b wrote:

I disagree. While the 30D shot is "Slightly" cleaner at 1600 and
3200, it does not have as much detail as the D80. It is also shot
at F8. I feel that up to iso 800 the D80 clearly is as good or
better than the 30D. Again, purely my opinion, without seeing the
true test results this is all conjecture. i am glad that both canon
and nikon photagraphers may now have great hi iso cameras

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The D80 does retain more detail@ iso3200 than the 30D. Surely the 30D is applying more NR (and it looks good), but at the expense of lost detail.

Take this crop as an example; I ran the D80's iso3200 image thru Neat Image and came up cleaner than the 30D's image, yet while still (arguably) retaining more detail. Of course, you could then run the 30D's image and get it even cleaner, but with even more detail loss.

Now I'm not saying that the D80 is as good as the 30D at high iso's (judge for yourself), but this is a milestone for Nikon, and it simply blows away the A100 and D200 @ high iso's.

This camera will be in my bag by Spring...


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