FZ30 + tasteful nudity in low light!

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Re: Wonderful post, beautiful work Tony...

Brian Mosley wrote:

Hi Tony,

I really enjoyed reading your post here, and agree
wholeheartedly... your images demonstrate what, to me, great
photography is all about - capturing an image of beauty, people
will enjoy viewing.

I wonder how many truly great photographers whinge and wine about
the drawbacks of their equipment? The only way to capture truly
images is to focus on what you can achieve with the tools
you have got...

I love my LX1, and look forward to capturing the very best images I
can... I am totally focused on what my camera can do, and do
spectacularly well... because that's the only way I will capture
the best images possible with it.

When choosing a new camera, I take the WHOLE FEATURE SET into
consideration, and then choose the best camera based on my
perception of the strengths and weaknesses of each.

From everything I've seen about the FZ30 and FZ50, I am confident
these cameras represent a superb balance of features... and the
noise issue is SO blown out of proportion it is getting very, very

gDoubleYa recently asked Barry the question... "What's your pick of
the three: S3, H5, FZ50? and Why?" - That was SUCH A GREAT QUESTION!

Rather than BORINGLY banging on about one weak aspect of a camera,
decide which camera represents the best balance of features
important to YOU, personally... and then see how many great
images you can capture... that's what really interests me, to see
the best people can do so that I have something to aspire to!

So, thank you very much Tony, for making this forum so interesting
and exciting... to see a photographer on the path to his personal
best! you have inspired me, and I hope many more people here to aim
higher with our own work.

Kind Regards


Hi Brian,
many thanks for your kind comments and nice to see someone else from Yorkshire!

I don't know about inspiring people LOL - I just wanted to show what could be done with the FZ30 as, it's fast bcoming overshadowed by the release of the FZ50 which I am quite sure will be very successful.

AS I've said in previous posts in this thread - I don't really care which camera I suse as long as it has a decent lens and accurate shutter speeds. The FZ30 is a fine little camera and I think I've proved that it is capable of producing some good results with just a modicum of thought!

Hopefully I'll try out other styles of shot to see it's capabilities - such as in studio to see how it handles muliple strobes - then I'll maybe post some of those those too!
Keep posting and drop in and say hello once in a while....

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