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Re: Nikon sensor is still on its way for improvement...

superbouncykid wrote:

To say that the Canon 350D is a catastrophe is an overstatement, I
used to be a Nikon shooter, these days I shoot with whatever camera
I have. People keep looking at how the camera is built and looked,
which is really sad. What happened with the photos??

I for one can't overlook the build quality and ergonomics in a camera.. It's just that when 350D came out I was almost dissappointed in the fact that I bought a Nikon D70 because the 350D seemed to have a bit more detail in the shots.. Only thing I thought back then was megapixels and sharpness. When I eventually got to see a 350D and hand-hold it, I almost burst into laughter! What a relief it was to me to see it was designed with the hands of a 8-year-old in mind! Just kidding here, but I do have big hands and long fingers and to me it was impossible to get a decent grip.. Let alone the tiny buttons which were... shall we say... teeny weeny.

To me the ergonomics are what brings a sense of connection between your camera and your eyes. If the camera gets in your way, you're way off. If the camera feels right in your hands and lets you do what you want to do and see what you want to see... then I can't imagine a better camera!

Any camera takes photos (except Holgas, if you get unlucky, LOL) - not every camera feels right in your hands and eyes.

But I must admit I liked your photos...

The sensor of the
Canon 5D on the other hand, will last a bit longer. People don't
think about that, they want the best camera body instead of the
best sensors and lenses.

The sensor in 5D is great, no way around it. Too bad it's let down by the body (in my opinion)...

Janne Mankila

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