D80 Review (in Japanese)

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Nikon sensor is still on its way for improvement...

I think Nikon will unleash a D200s soon with the improvement on the sensor, I feel sorry for those who went out and paid the D200 expensively when it came out and had the banding problems. About six months later you basically can buy a much cheaper camera with possibly the same sensor.

To say that the Canon 350D is a catastrophe is an overstatement, I used to be a Nikon shooter, these days I shoot with whatever camera I have. People keep looking at how the camera is built and looked, which is really sad. What happened with the photos??

I took these with a borrowed Canon 350D, handheld:

This one with a 5D, handheld:

I have seen photos in newspaper where you can tell on the noise it is taken by Nikon cameras. I still love Nikon, I think they have everything right except their sensors. In 1 year from now, There will be better sensors in Nikon bodies than the one in the D200, because the improvement today is still necessary. The sensor of the Canon 5D on the other hand, will last a bit longer. People don't think about that, they want the best camera body instead of the best sensors and lenses.


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