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Re: a100 is rated 1/3 lower than standard

jeff-c wrote:

Let's don't be so quick jumping into conclusion yet.

The a100 and D80 aperature/shutter combinations are different. E.g.
for ISO 800 the a100 setting is 1/30 @ f5.6 whereas D80 is 1/20 @
f5.3. As reported in DPReview a100 review the a100 ISO is rated 1/3
lower than standard so we are really comparing ISO 800 of D80 to
ISO 1000 of a100.

Even we ignore this percularity and compare D80 and a100 directly,
while the a100 picture is noisier than D80, there is a price to pay
for the noise reduction. Look the baby bear doll's white foot,
there is more detail information on the a100 shot than the D80.

Which picture is better is upto individual's preference. Some may
like NR done in camera whereas others may prefer handling in PP.

I personally disagree that the D80 is appreciably worse in this instance. If you look at the photo you will see that the placement of the bear is slightly different and it has been taken slightly closer than the D80 - hence perhaps more detail showing on the bear's foot. There are other areas of the D80 that appear to show far more detail.

So I agree wholeheartedly with your last comment that it is up to the individual's preference

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