D80 Review (in Japanese)

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J Mankila
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More questions! :)

menameisatsushi wrote:

Phew! I am getting more Japanese translation practise than I ever
had here! Still I am enjoying the challenge, so if anyone else has
any more questions bring them on.

So you do speak Japanese? I first thought from your name which sounded japanese that it makes sense, but I just had to check your profile and found out you were in New Zealand? Oh well, anyway, you said you liked the challenge, so here's a few more question! I'd be grateful if you could enlighten me.

On the bottom of the third page there's the last paragraph... It really made my head hurt when I tried to understand the babelfished version! It says like this:

"With well the place where it had become matter of concern was written, but it is the fixed turn operation system of Nikon entirely, it is not bad. The power switch which surrounds the shutter button "there is only here! "With you think and, also the command dial is good. The kind of air which of simply, is shown the level just a little change does."

In the fifth page the first paragraph sounded like a very interesting one.. But I didn't get the point! In the last sentence of that first paragraph it says "When you express in one word, when "you felt at rest"." So that is a good thing, no?

Thanks in advance, Atu!!

Janne Mankila

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