Any way to create or modify a CR2 file ?

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Mike Fried
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What you actually want is something else...

raoulJ wrote:

Then, keeping the RAW files while distributing the JPEGs can be a
way to prove I'm the author/owner of the picture ?

And if I add the Original Image Verification Data (PFn-31 on 1DII)
to the raw, there is a way to prove that the raw file was actually
been taken from MY camera (with its serial number).

Sure. But what you are actually looking to do is to register a copyright on an image with the patent and trademark office (see ). Once you have a registered copyright, if someone willfully infringes on your image, you can sue them for $150,000 in damages under the statues. But you need a registered copyright to do so ($45).

Technically speaking, I could write a program which takes a JPG file and produces an equivalent RAW file. Since the conversion from RAW to JPG is lossy, it really doesn't prove anything. My program could equally make up data with extra range which wasn't interesting. The image verification system on the other hand proves that the RAW file was taken with your camera. I don't have Canon's private key, so I can't sign a RAW file in such a way as to be validated the way Canon's hardware can.

But registering the copyright enables you to actually collect damages should someone infringe on your rights. You can do some searching on the subject. I have heard that it is a good practice to register CDs with a reasonable number of images on them with enough quality to distinguish the works, then the $45 fee is spread out over protecting several images.


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