Autostitch "Out of memory" message.

Started Aug 15, 2006 | Discussions thread
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eddie Regular Member • Posts: 143
Autostitch "Out of memory" message.

Have problems with "Out of memory" message if more then 3 images are stitched.

Changed to different memory allocations in Setup starting with 0.1Gb and got to 1.5 Gb and no difference.
Creator recommends lowering memory - did that down to 0.1Mb.

Used to run OK in the past - up to 15 Fuji images 6 Mps each @ 100% size and 100jpg.
Not any more. Replaced app with latest version - no difference
No other apps are running at the time.
Total RAM I have is 2.0 Gb.
Runs on 64bit AMD 3200+ Win XP SP2.
Before was OK on default memory setting.

The only difference is on current PC, operating system was auto patched by Microsoft with latest updates. Would that make the difference?

Your feedback will be appreciated.


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