Mac Pro Aperture performance with internal RAID 0

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Re: Mac Pro Aperture performance with internal RAID 0


thanks for this.

aperture aside, if you copy a large file to your boot drive (i.e. a non raid drive) then copy the same file to the raid array, what is the time difference?

I have a macpro coming in 3-4 weeks and you have me curious I have 2x 300gb sata2 drives at home in another machine that i could put in as a raid0 array.


Ti X wrote:

Just my observation after installing two internal drives in my new
Mac Pro, while trying to find the best performance setup, I found
installing two drives internally in a RAID 0 configuration with my
Aperture library on the RAID, is giving me incredible speed gains
compared to my old dual G5 2.0 with 4Gb RAM. I am running the Mac
Pro 2.6 with 1GB RAM and two SATA ll 160GB Seagates in a RAID 0

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