FZ30 + tasteful nudity in low light!

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FZ30 + tasteful nudity in low light!

With all the excitement and anticipation of the imminent release of the FZ50 I thought it was about time to say a few words in defence the FZ30 which seems in some quarters to be already being pushed aside in favour of the new kid on the block. I recently took posession of an FZ30 and have been experimenting with it to find it's capabilities.

As a camera for use in low light at higher ISO's the FZ30 is not terribly good and can't match even a modest entry level DSLR particularly where action is concerned but, it still can produce some fine very low light images with the right exposure and subject matter at low ISO's.

Last Saturday evening I was testing to see how the FZ30 would handle low-light fine art style monochrome photography and compared the printed results with those of my 'wet' darkroom prints and surprise, surprise - it actually works and I got some decent results, which if refined, could get within striking distance of wet monochrome images.

My partner who often helps with new poses agreed to pose for a quick series of shots using only the light from a 60 watt domestic bulb and a couple of shots done soley in candlelight, both in a fully darkened room! The reason I say quick was that the central heating had broken and she offered to do the shots NUDE to make it authentic ( tastefully of course ). The shots were done in our lounge rather than studio to stop her from freezing to death.

You can't really get much lower light than a 60 watt domestic tungsten light bulb or a couple of candles, so it shows that it's not just the amount of light that is available that makes a good picture but it's what you do with the available light before taking it!

I've popped a couple of the resulting shots for now onto a web page if anyone wishes to view, just to show what is possible under such low light conditions. They were rather hurredly taken test shots so don't expect perfection but they will give an idea of what could have beeen achieved if more time had been taken! (and more heat available!).

Although the images contain MILD NUDITY, they are very tasteful and shouldn't really offend anyone but it is only fair to warn of the content first!


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