FZ50 .jpeg ISO Test

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Re: Simon Joinson - are you reading this?

Brian Mosley wrote:

Hi Seb,

I agree, dynamic range is a very important quality of any camera...
and infact, I'm sure I've seen DR covered in previous dpreviews -
it just seems to have been dropped over the years. Not sure why?

This is one of the major reasons I'm most comfortable shooting RAW

  • as there seems to be much more dynamic range available in this

mode... VERY happy with the DR of the LX1 in RAW.

Kind Regards


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Ok, thats cool. I thought it was mostly the sensor being the limiting factor, but maybe its much in the software too....dropping information to make processing faster.

But RAW-shooting takes extremely long time, doesn't it? I mean, you cant shoot 1fps sequenses for example....on any compact camera out yet?

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