Macbook pro memory upgrade. Original or third party? External screen? 30"? Other ques

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Re: Macbook pro memory upgrade. Original or third party? External screen? 30"? O

Kim van Heuven wrote:

I have recently bought a 15" macbook pro with 1 x 1GB original ram.
Since I'm using Aperture a lot, I want to upgrade my memory to 2GB.
I have the following questions:

  • Is it possible to use a third party 1GB module (ie Kingston)

together with the Apple (Samsung) original memory module or do I
get a decrease in performance and/or reliability? The Apple modules
seem to be more expensive than the third party memory.

Sure you can use third party RAM (Kingston, Crucial, Transcend etc.) as long as it has exactly the same specs. Apple modules are third party modules. If the specs are correct there is no performance degredation.

  • I'm thinking of buying a 30" Cinema display. Are there any other

alternatives that offer better screen quality?

At this size: no.

There are a few threads here dealing with smaller high-end EIZO, NEC and LaCie monitors, maybe have a look.

  • I have a Lacie Bigger disk (500GB) for my photo's. Unfortunally

the 15" macbook pro has only firewire400 and my Lacie also
firewire800? Anyone already has experience with an express card
with firewire800 on the macbook pro? Does it make that much
differerence over the firewire400?

The difference is 400 :-))) Transferring large files you will see an enormous difference (FW800 almost twice as fast and higher sustained throughput). Dealing with images and normal documents the difference is smaller. With Aperture (even there is only one library) there are lots of individual small reads for every transaction, so the performance increase is minor. Backing up to a vault of course is speedier. My girlfriend has a FW800 card in the MBP 15" - but she only uses it to capture video. For other tasks FW400 is normally ok.


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