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Re: City photography

One more comment (I know they will start throwing stones now),

new P&S are very good. Many of pictures presented here in dpreview forums taken even with 5D or better could be taken as good with P&S cameras. I have compared many shots taken in same places made with my G6 without tweaking (!) and which are better than many washed out unsharp 300D, 30D or 5D pictures. However dSLR giver you much-much more powerful tool if you know how to use that.

So, think about, how much you will have time to mess with post processing with pictures, what particular you expect from dSLR you cannot get with good P&S. And if you select Canon, you will be married with Canon, if you select Nicon, the same.

brennanjm wrote:

I recently came across this website

Many of the photos are taken with the 350d. Before I invest in
lenses I want to get some experience first. I understand the lenses
can have a huge effect on the quality of the picture and such but I
want to don't want to drop a lot of money especially with very
little experience. Thanks for the information though.

Hopefully my 350d will be here before my trip to new york next week.

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