Continuous Ink System for Epson

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Re: Continuous Ink System for Epson

R2400 is not designed for CIS.

I think most of the CIS for it is made in China but with different package or external appearance.

I also use one bought in Hong Kong. I suffered broken cartidge once and was replaced without fee. (It is common for China product because of poor Q.C.) What I remind you is to buy from company which has responsbility and nearby.

I use the system for one year and it is OK till now. The most difficult thing is the initial setup. You need to measure accurate the placing of sticker and the tubing becuase they will affect the movement of print head and destroy the printer.

I only used the original ink from Epson. Of course it is the 220ml ink for 4800. Using the color profile from Epson, the color is better with the 220ml package. However, I think the profile made from PrintFIX Pro is better but the file made from PFP is smaller then the original Epson's.

It is very happy to print photo withous consider the cost. Although the cost for original Epson 220ml ink is a little bit higher the 3rd party ink, I think it is acceptable when you considering for qualtiy.

Also one more word, even with original small cartidge ink for R2400, it is very easy to block the printhead, I remind you better not to use 3rd party ink.

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