How do you make the sky black?

Started Aug 8, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Re: How do you make the sky black?

monopoly wrote:

Use the channel mixer in Photoshop (not elements) to convert your
photos to black and white - then you can use the red slider
(increase red) to make the sky darker - just like using a red
filter would have done on black and white film.

Since you're replying to me, I assume you mean that as an alternative
to my method. It's a bit different, though. By making a layer out of
just the red channel you are doing much more than just increasing
or decreasing the amount of red in the final image. You can do anything
to that red layer that you could do with a normal image, which gives
you much more flexibility than just a "more of this" or "less of this"

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