Continuous Ink System for Epson

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Re: by the way , you can get the same box from ebay at 25 USD

I used  the same system I got from ebay last year. that seller is from Australia. when I got that package, it is actually from China.

the ink is bad, obviously. and the tubes are very easy to get clogged. YES, ink clog the poor quality tube.

and the modified cartridge damange the chip reader (that golden part), three chip readers are gone.

totally diaster. I sent printer to Epson, they charged me $250 to repair  chip reader.

from my observation, they use very cheap tubes that do not have enough flexibility to carry ink,

the ink flow is not right either. sometime I could get half picture to print, sometime just 1/3 of picture.
and the colors are missing all over the paper.


I tried and tried and tried.... just waste my time, and EXPENSIVE paper!!!!

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