Continuous Ink System for Epson

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Bad Australian product

Sorry to hear about your bad Australian product, but you're surprised and angry that you got a piece of junk for $25? Like I said, there are some faulty CIS's out there. I bought one, too from a Canadian company because it was cheap, although my mistake cost me $120. The one I purchased from efillink however seems to work quite well. And yes, their "pro system" isn't much more than a glorified LED board, but it sure is better than the group of bottles I got from the other company strapped together with a rubber band, (I kid you not).

By the way, I am guessing that the reason your printer clogged was either the quality of the ink or the type of ink was incompatable. For example, large pigment particles will not fit through the heads of a dye printer.

My review shouldn't be the end of your research as there are alot of companies out there. if you have had trouble with a particular company or found one that works really well for you, please post it here. So you found an Australian device that sucked, but did you find a good replacement? Aside from Efillink, I have also heard positive things about MIS, although they are more expensive. If anyone has experience with these products or others, please share it because there is very little objective information out there.

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