Continuous Ink System for Epson

Started Aug 7, 2006 | Discussions thread
photoman47 Forum Member • Posts: 60
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If you look carefully, these guys are actually from the same company that sells cheap chinese-made CIS.

I used one of this system last year, I thought it was fancy. But right after I installed it and printed the first page, I damaged my printer. I tried it on my another printer, it was totally diaster. cheap ink clogged nozzles, and cheap tubes full with clogging ink. that means, no ink flow at all!!!

Again, it is no different from any other chinese CIS sold on ebay. The only different is that fancy box which functions nothing but a simple LED board.

BTW, I bought such system from Australia. Around $25 USD. Totally junk!!!

Dont waste your time and money.

Find some other better CIS.

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