20" LCD Monitor - NEC 2070nx or??? - Help....

Started Aug 7, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Jdr0berts New Member • Posts: 3
20" LCD Monitor - NEC 2070nx or??? - Help....

I'm looking to replace my old CRT with an LCD monitor, at first I'd decided on the Dell 20.1", but then read that it was now using a different panel type to S-IPS.

There seems to be a fair bit of talk on here of the NEC 2070nx, which fits in the budget I'm looking to spend.

I'm after something primarily for photo editing, but certainly not at a pro level...

I've read a few reviews, but they seem to be mixed, this one didn't rate it at all:
It is simply a case of it not being calibrated?

I'll be calibrating with a Spyder in any case..

The 3rd review here, didn't rate it as spectacular:

though it is for gaming....

What do people who've bought this think of it?

What are the alternatives, in the sub-£500 market?

Also, though it should probably should be another thread - what tests should I be running on any new monitor?


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