A100 moves me to tears...

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Seriously. I may post something but the interpolated files to 50 megs are big, for Alamy. I spent most of today in dull horrible weather before finding Dunbar has no cafes (only pubs or sit-down Sunday meal restaurants) and took no pix worth looking at. Then on the way to Edinburgh, we pulled in at Niddry Bents, an interesting beach with a good view of a power station and Edinburgh beyond over backlit shore and sea. I used the 70-210mm beercan at f8.

Anyway, pulling the files up from raw, zeo sharpening, luminance NR 10, colour NR 50, the ISO 100 shots - literally brought a tear to my eye. I have shot this scene on 3 megapixels, 6 megapixels, 14 megapixels, 12 megapixels, 10... many different lenses. I've never seen anything quite like the A100 image. It is as if the interpolation is creating a real 17 megapixel file - it looks as good as a 1DS MkII. Worm casts on the sand 100 yards away appear as single pixel dots. The roofs of houses 10 miles away are all separated. The struts of a pylon 2 miles away are clear. A single seagull, superbly rendered as the tiniest part of the image - anyway, you can find it for yourself, but this image is HUGE, AdobeRGB, should be downloaded from pBase and examined in a fully colour aware app not.. please!... on a Windows fit-to-screen web browser unless you want it to look dull, flat, unsharp and yellowish:


I know everyone wants to know about low noise or how well the kit lens does, but this is why I wanted the Alpha - for this kind of detail in this kind of shot. I knew it would do it, but this was the first trip out using it. It's not my best shot of this view in terms of conditions, light, stuff happening or whatever but it proves what I needed to know - given the right lens (and the 20-year-old 'beercan' does fine with this extremely contrasty light off water, no sensor reflections or flare) the A100 will outresolve almost anything and go up to a no-sharpening, no-pp photo library standard 50 meg image perfectly.

I'm relieved because there's been so much negative stuff posted. It works. High ISO and all that, another matter, but it does what I want. 5D can stay at home.

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