Beauty....and a Mighty Fright ! ! !

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Beauty....and a Mighty Fright ! ! !

I told some friends about this today, and thought you-all might enjoy the story, too....... On British Columbia, Canada, Hwy 20 in the Chilcotin District, long before arriving at Chilko Lake, I stopped at Riske Creek for a snack. The very pleasant owner, Mike, recommended I go down to the "Hoodoos" on the Chilcotin River, about 20 miles south on a gravel road. OK, I dropped off the boat, and took off in the truck. Pretty nice road, nice, rolling hills with some size and roughness to 'em. On the breaks of the river, I got a nice view of the coming countryside -

Farther along, on the bridge over the river, I saw the hoodoos, nice little sandstone formations, but after Utah, I wasn't real impressed -

A little farther on, however, there was this old, abandoned ranch beside the river.

The road say the least, but the 4WD Dodge handled it easily, and I came up to the buildings -

It was interesting. Someone put in a monumental amount of very skilled work on this place. I wonder why they left ?? The 1st building, I believe was used for storage, had standard notched corners on the logs, and the adze marks from squaring the timbers are clearly visible -

I tried that once, back in my youth, and found that it looks easy, but takes a huge amount of skill and a very strong back. Next, I went to the main house, which is still in pretty good condition, and found a completely different system used, which takes much more skill and a LOT more effort -

More prowling revealed what appeared to be a large root cellar dug into the hillside, with wood framing -

Sooooo...........ol' Lar, just as happy as if he had brains, walked over and took a look inside....... YIPES ! ! ! Two huge, slanted, glowing green eyes stared back at me ! ! ! Instantly, my stomach knotted solid, my hair stood straight on end, (I felt it lay back down a few seconds later) and I made a huge leap sideways. I waited, adrenaline pounding in my head, and camera in hand - my only weapon - to see what the thing would do. This country is full of Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Cougars, and what have you. Nothing happened, and somehow it didn't feel quite...right...inside, and I backed off about 10 feet and snuck a look back in there -

It was still there, and still not moving. Looking from the bright light outside into the black interior of the room made it impossible to clearly see just what was there, so I snuck up (yeah, right) to the side of the entrance and took a shot by holding the 8800 as far to the side as I could, and set on Auto, with flash on. Kept my body as far out of the way as possible. One picture only, and I got out of there, still uneasy. Back at Riske Creek Cafe, I told Mike about it, and dug out the camera. By zooming in on the - luckily - clear picture, we tried to figure it out. Suddenly Mike started laughing.............

It's a coffee can, he roared, slapping the counter, and doubling over laughing. Yup, sure enuf - it's a 3# MJB coffee can, dented and thrown away. Well, I'll tell ya, I felt a little silly, but it sure did give me a tremendous scare at the time.

Sorry for the length of this, but I hope you enjoy my little story.


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