Zenitar 16 FE- presentation and samples

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Re: a FOV question... and to Dr C as well,

Jonas B wrote:

Thank you stranger,

You're wellcome earthling.

it's always good to know some stuff comes to use. Thank you to you
also, Dr C.

Dr. C?

For the question: FOV (as in Field of View) is determined by the
imaginers size together with the lens' focal length (FL). That's
why you see the somewhat odd expression "cropping factor" all the

Yes, I have even found a formula for calculating the FOV according to imagers dimesions and focal length. However, that formula doesn't work with fisheye lenses. Bad luck!

It should be fairly easy to put together a list with lenses of
various FL and give the FOV for them when used with a fSLR and with
a 1.5 cropping factor dSLR. I would guess it's availabale out there

You aren't very specific but in general we can say something like

28mm - "wide normal" equal to a 42mm lens used on fSLR camera
35mm - "normal", pretty much like the 50mm lenseswe are used to
think of as normal lenses for 35mm film cameras
50mm - "short tele" very suitable for head and shoulder portraits
for example
wider/shorter and more tele/longer than that takes too long to list
for now but I think you get the idea. The Zenitar 16FE is
interestening as it's a 180 diagonal degree real fisheye lens when
used with a fSLR. With our Pentax dSLR cameras it becomes a good
very wide, semi fishy lens giving pictures that either have a minor
fish-eye lens appearence, or after processing real decent
rectilinear pictures.
I hope that helps somewhat,

Thank you.

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Alien wrote:

Dear Jonas,

Firstly, thank you very much for the outstanding information and

Do you know by any chance the FOV in degrees for a 1.5x crop camera?

Thank you very much in advance.

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