Canon makes a new CMOS 1/2.7'' sensor

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Re: Canon makes a new CMOS 1/2.7'' sensor

Olivier GALLEN wrote:

New 3.1MP 1/2.7" CMOS sensor from Canon.

Let's Go Digital:
OK... it's for a HDTV camcorder (HV10 HDV)
OK... it has only 3.1MP

Thanks for the info.

I'm currently looking for a new videocamera with HDTV resolution for personal use, but this seems to use 1920 (or1440) x1080i Bayer for the video recording. This isn't much better then a 1280x720 3CCD (RGB per pixel sampling) for resolution.

The Sony uses a single chip CMOS too and probably uses Bayer 1440x1080i too on the HC1, HC3, SR1 and UC1 (or whatever they are named). I've only access to the HC1 so far at work. (and the Canon XL-H1).

I look forward to see what Panasonic can offer in the new AVCHD standard. 3CCD (size of sensors ?) and optical IS for under $2000US and native 1920 (or 1440) x1080i50 would do...

HD, 8" DVD or HDV ?. In that order ...

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