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Here's the link

Sorry this took so long. Holidays, etc. Here's the link to the download from the Kodak site" http://www.kodak.com/global/en/service/software/applications/pictureSoftware/pictureSoftware.jhtml

Do the install first, obviously. Then, here's how I use it, and I think this will work for you too. I set up a folder where I put all the pictures I want to load into the frame. I've already sized them to 640X480 in PS and cropped them the way I want them. Then I made a folder under that folder, which I called Kodak. Start the Kodak software, and after the splash screen goes away, click on "Get Pictures" and select the folder where your pictures are. Check the "Replace Pictures" check box (that means that it reloads all the images into the software, so if you've changed something since the last time you ran it it will update everything), and click "Add All" (or select the ones you want to work with if less than all) and then press OK.

You will then see thumbnails of all the pictures you've selected at the bottom of the screen. Click the "Save As" button, and after the screen changes, click "Select All," set the size to "full size" if you've already sized them in PS, choose "Best Quality" and then click "Save As." You can then designate where you want them to go-- I use my "Kodak" folder. It will also suggest a name for the files-- what it does is take the prefix of the name and add a number to it, so if it suggests "mypicture.jpgs", each file would be named mypictures1.jpg, mypictures2.jpg, etc. Click "Save" and it will convert all the files into the directory you specify. Then just copy the whole thing to your CF card and the frame should read all the pictures just fine, and you'll have thumbnails for each.

Sounds a little complicated, but when you do it you'll see it's really pretty intuitive.

If you have problems let me know.

Good luck--

Kenny Frank

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