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Estimate of FOV

Wow, interesting and pretty comprehensive thread... I think this stuff would be at home on a wiki somewhere. I'm itching to go over to Moscow to borrow my friends' Zenitar again and see how it does on a dSLR.

Jonas B wrote:

Thank you stranger,

it's always good to know some stuff comes to use. Thank you to you
also, Dr C.

For the question: FOV (as in Field of View) is determined by the
imaginers size together with the lens' focal length (FL). That's
why you see the somewhat odd expression "cropping factor" all the
It should be fairly easy to put together a list with lenses of
various FL and give the FOV for them when used with a fSLR and with
a 1.5 cropping factor dSLR. I would guess it's availabale out there

You aren't very specific but in general we can say something like

Well, they did ask what the FOV for a specific lens on a specific class of camera was, didn't they?

There's a farily detailed page on FOV at http://www.photo.net/learn/fov/

It has a section on calculating FOV, which is fairly trivial for rectilinear lenses, but not so straightforward for fisheyes.

By my calculation, assuming an equisolid projection which the article states is 'probably the most common', that gives a 105 degree diagonal FOV. Unless I've made a mistake, that would also make the diagonal FOV for 35mm film 170 degrees... apparantly it's actually 180, so that indicates that equisolid isn't really the right projection.

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