Sony & Pentax stronger than Canon/Nikon

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Re: Sony maybe, but not Pentax

Edvinas wrote:

Younger people are mesmerized by names of Canon, Nikon and Sony.
They see their adverisings avery day. They hardly have heard of
Pentax and I can't remember seing advertising of any Pentax product
on TV.

Pentax can produce the best camera in every segment but they won't
sell. Potential first time buyers (other won't likely to change
system) usually don't even consider Pentax. Either Canon 350D or
Nikon D50. Maybe Sony a100 now, but it's expensive. They don't know
and they don't want to know about K100D (though I think it's simply
a best buy for it's price).

I dont agree here, I have seen quite a lot first time buyers buying Pentax DL2 here in London because it's price. You can buy DL2 with kit lens for £349 and you can see difference immediately. Even my local small Jessops has one in shop window and one inside the shop. Also you have 50-200mm f4-5.6 in stock (I bought one) so I consider it as really good move by Pentax. If you ask staff about DSLR and you will say that price is issue they will give you Pentax DL2 immediately, they dont try to talk you to C/N system.

By the way, how are they going to know about Pentax when you must
know that only place in the city which sells Pentax DSLR. Canon and
Nikon DSLRS usually are on stock in every place which sells photo
equipment, even large supermarkets and computer equipment stores
sells them!

It is not enought to have a good product. You must also have good
marketing deparment, have good network of distribution and push
your products aggresively. Sony does it. Canon does it. Pentax

Pentax have made quite a lot comparing to year ago. Reviews everywhere, a LOT of adverts in photo magazines. I know it's not C/N size but it's slowly getting better. You can spot difference on this forum as well.
Fero Novak, London

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