Sony & Pentax stronger than Canon/Nikon

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My 2 Cents...

I think there are many factors at play here. In my opinion,

Sony can make a dent in the "general consumor" moreso than in the experienced photo enthusiast group, simply due to the name and association of that with other products. DSLR/SLR photo enthusiasts will still have an issue carrying around a DSLR w/a Sony Moniker.... (similarly a Panasonic or Samsung). Someone just "shopping around for a dig-cam" that has no history in photography will be less likely to be jaded by a name.

Canon and Nikon have an enormous following - historic reputations - used by so many famous professionals - and in they have their devoted faithful in volumes. I doubt that in the D200/30D and up realm, that they will loose many customers to anyone but each other - at least for the next couple of years.

Fujifilm and Kodak offer bodies that use Canon and Nikon (Kodak) and Nikon (Fujifilm) lenses, flashes, and pretty much all system capabilities. They also have interesting niches (Kodak - FF for landscape, etc.) and (Fujifilm a simply amazing sensor).

Pentax is a tried and true name with a proud heritage and solid DSLR offerings that include amazing back-compatibility in lenses... and amazing lenses! It offers a "true system" approach to photography, BUT does not yet dabble in the D2X or 1D areana of DSLR photography and probably won't. So they should compete VERY WELL in the "mid-market" arena where Sony, Canon 350D, 30D and Nikon D50/70/80 & D200 as well as E-1's lurk. However, it has a solid leg up (in my opinion) on both Sony and Oly. The Pentax system (lenses, flashes, etc.) is by far more robust than either Sony or Oly offerings... no comparison! Now that it is offering SR (in a very competitively priced area K100D - and a 10mpx sensor (and SR) on the way w/the K10D... it has a big leg up I think.

Offering a true "System" of flashes with "up to date capabilities" a wide array of lenses, SR and a very impressive history is a solid draw. Unless Pentax's K10D comes out w/a really crappy sensor (at high ISO and bad OOC Jpegs).... it should be a really solid winner... and have a great future.


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