Sony & Pentax stronger than Canon/Nikon

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Didn't help Konica-Minolta much

D TONG wrote:

Now I can see that both Canon and Nikon are in trouble as their
main cashcow (IS or VR on the lens) will be decimated.

I rember reading the same comment when the KM 7D was released. We all know what happened to KM.

I hope Pentax does well, we all benefit. But there are some distinct advantages to in-lens IS.

First, you can see the stabilization effect in the viewfinder. This is beneficial because I believe there is an almost a biofeedback response involved here. As you handhold the Canon 5D with a 24-105L IS lens, you can observe the effect of IS in the viewfinder, and I belive the feedback allows you to get even better stabilazation. At the very least I do believe that it will give a better percentage of keepers, as you know exactly when to trip the shutter.

After using the K100D for a few days, I have noticed that, firstly, it is a bit disconcerting to not be able to get any feedback as to how well the image is being stabilized. Secondly, I have noticed that getting a sharp image is somewhat a hit-or-miss affair. In order to be sure you have gotten one really sharp image, you do have to shoot a volley of three or four.

Also keep in mind that Pentax and Sony's Sr is partially offset by the superior high ISO performance of the Canon's. Also, SR does you no good if your subject is moving.

One final advantage of IS, particularly in the Canon long lenses, is the ability to accurately frame. I can imagine it would be quite difficult to frame well with the the image jumping around in the finder.

One last comment. I read in an interview with a Canon exec, that if they feel the need to, they have the technology to implement a sensor-based IS system.

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