Gallery rejected my 5D image

Started Jul 18, 2006 | Discussions thread
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............even more if it is B&W, unless the author has amazing
Photoshop skills to mimic film. Some of the images show it more,

There's really not much reason besides nostalgia that somebody would want to mimic film.

As for me, if the print in a gallery showed this "amazing" digital
cleanliness and perfection I wouldn't buy it, and I would think
less of the gallery itself. Why? While I think that for commercial
use digital mediums are perfect, as an art medium digital is still
far away behind film and "digital look" is very unnatural and plain
ugly. Your mileage may vary.

When you look at the sky - in real life - do you see grain? You might be fond of the stuff, but grain and noise are unnatural. They aren't there, they're an artifact of the capture process. The fact that you see less of this with digital is a good thing.

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