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Re: DL newbie

Make sure you switch your settings back when experimenting.

Or similarly, routinely check ISO and settings, sometimes you may
take some night shots and adjust the ISO then merrily take 50 shots
the next day with some crazy iso setting and or manual white
balance. etc etc.

Oh boy, too much to learn and not enough time. I'm already getting
a headache just reading the manual.

As a fellow DL newbie (I've had mine for just under a month) with no previous DSLR experience, I can definitely relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed.

The best advice I can give is to take lots and lots of pictures to experiment before you go - and even more while you're there. I've been driving my wife and kids crazy because I'll sit and take about 20 pictures of the same subject just changing one setting each time (flash/no flash, Av, Tv, ISO, WB, etc). I think my understanding of the camera has come a long way in a short time just by experimenting and having some fun with it.

Enjoy your new camera!

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