does the 17-55 fit well with these lenses?

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Re: does the 17-55 fit well with these lenses?

That is true and that's the reason why I could never clean out my garage. The reason I don't use 10-22 much now is I'm not the kind of person who likes to switch lens in the field often. When the 17-55 is on the camera I'll try to do with 17mm instead of change to the UWA lens. I know UWA has it's special place and can not be replaced by 17-55. Most likely I will keep the 10-22 unless I really need the money to buy something else.

Rick Knepper wrote:
The following advice is not so much about photography as it is
about tools in general.

No matter how little a given tool gets used, I've found that the
situation will eventually arise where that tool becomes utterly
necessary. If I've never owned the tool, then I go buy it, and deal
with the loss of time, opportunity, and/or money while acquiring
the tool.

But if I've owned a tool and sold it, thrown it away (of course we
are obviously not talking camera lenses here), given it away, or
failed to replace it, I will more than likely suffer more from not
having it when I needed it than benefited from divesting myself of

The 10-22 was relatively inexpensive brand new, and the money you
would realize from selling it (presumably on eBay after costs)
probably couldn't buy you a better lens (if the reports are true).

This rule of thumb is why I still have the 18-55 and will keep the
17-40 even though the 24-105 seems plenty wide on a 5D for what I
normally shoot (emphasis on "what I normally shoot").

carlk wrote:

Yes. Likely you're never going to use 17-85 again. I also have
10-22 and 17-55. I was thinking get rid of 10-22 when I first
bought the 17-55 but a lot of folks here advised against it.
However I have not used 10-22 much since. I'll keep it for a while
before I make a decision.

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