Post your High Iso shots!

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That is quite good in the noise department, all things considered! Especially, since it is underexposed to a degree that exacerbates noise. Now this post tells us something and that is that hi iso is definately usable in this scenario. After all, this is like looking at a 28" x 42" print from 1.5'!

When you factor in the wb issues the lighting caused, hi iso and underexposure, the only thing going your way here is the the softness and the good processing algorithm(s) that the 5D/7D have and it means that this is indeed a usable proposition to be able to use hi iso in the 5/7 cameras and in less than perfect conditions too.
Regards, Jim

kennyp wrote:

I think this is 1 to 1, on my original post. 5D , 50mm 1.7, 3200
ISO, 1/200

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Ken from CO.
KM Five-Dee, fifty1.7,twentyeight-300 Tamron XRDILDIF 3.5,Tamron
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