5D for sports/children

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Re: The devil's advocate...

WOW!!! Great advice from everyone!

I have considered the Nikon D200 but have crossed it off the list for two reasons. First, some of my children's activities are indoors where lighting is poor. The high ISO requirment in this sports situation on the D200 appears as though it will yield relatively poor quality, high noise photos. Secondly, my wife will be using the camera and actually wants more of a point and shoot feel. I like the manual stuff but she doesn't. I don't believe the D200 has any style or preset modes (but I could be wrong.). I understand the 30D and D5 do.

Right now I believe you've convinced me to go with the 30D for price image quality reasons. I will explore the possibility of trying the 5D and 30D locally. The few stores I've been in have not had any 5D's or many lens choices, but I'll recheck.

As excited as I am to get the new gear, there's no reason I can't wait a while to purchase if something better is expected to come out and is worth my wait!

Thanks again everyone!

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