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Good questions.

I did not try other brands of ink. I spent a long time looking at this and one of the biggest issues was that I did not have the equipment to do my own paper profiles. Since this has a huge impact on the evaluation, and I didn't want to have to buy profiles for an evaluation.

I choose Mediastreet since they have a large library of profiles with their ink. If they don't have the profile, you can download their target, print it and send it to them. They will then create a custom profile for you.

The other reason is that their ink and the OEM inks can be changed in the printer without having to run a flushing agent through the heads. This is important since some of the ink chemistries are not compatible and if you run one through after the other, you can have a chemical interaction that can cause clogging and other issues. This is not a problem with MS's inks.

These two reason are what I think are the main problems in switching from one ink to another for most people, IMO. If you try and use the OEM ink profiles, you will get strange results that are apropos of absolutely nothing. If you run the ink through the printer and it is incompatible with the OEM inks, you can get clogging problems etc... even though the ink may be very good once the OEM inks are flushed.

The inks that I had considered where Mediastreet, MIS, and Lyson.

MIS didn't supply profiles or they are not as readily available. The tech guy I talked to suggested I use the OEM ones. I didn't think that sounded like good advice, so I passed. They also did not have any longevity studies that they (or at least this guy didn't know about them) and that was an issue for me.

Lyson gets great reviews, but it is one of the inks that is apparently not chemically compatible with the OEM inks. I didn't want to spend the money on flushing. They also were somewhat more difficult for me to find a US sales point/tech support point, so I passed. Some of the gamut information I found on their Cave Paint inks (ones for R1800) seemed to show a small gamut - much smaller than either OEM or MS which are roughly equivalent.

Mediastreet supplies profiles as mentioned. They have some data on longevity of their Generation inks done by the Wilhelm Research Institute that support longevity of > 100 years (met my criteria), was chemically compatible with the OEM inks, offered carts at a discount to try and had the best (by far) profile support.

So, since I was doing this on my own, I wanted to minimize the fooling around and this seemed the shortest path. If I knew someone that used the other inks, then it would have been possible to try some prints with their ink - but I don't.

So, my methodology going forward is to print some more when I (hopefully) get the CIS working this weekend is to (1) print and compare more, (2) determine if I need some profiles and either get MS to do them , do them myself, or pay for a custom one ($25-40). I also am going to monitor my informal longevity test on my windowsill for about 3-4 months of direct sunlight (west exposure) and see what that tells me.

Anyhow, I have found that so far, I have got enough positive data to proceed to the next step and to have the cost risk to be contained.

Hope that helps.


i3c wrote:

I appreciate you sharing your results. Of course, bottom line would
be to, as you say, try for myself.

Could I ask one more thing, though. Did you try other brands of
ink? And how did you choose Mediastreet over the others? (ok, two
more things)

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