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Re: efillink refill kits

I don't know what nikonman's set up or work flow was.

I can tell you about mine though. I'm doing this all through PS2 on a mac with a display that I calibrate every month. My workflow is all using ICC profiles for the papers I use. In this test, I used Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl and Epson Premium Photo Gloss.

The testing was done with profiles for the two papers above with the MS G7 inks. The profiles were supplied by Mediastreet. I printed the Ilford prints on 8.5x11's and the Epson Prem Ph Glossy on 11x14's. I compared them immediately after printing, 24 hours after printing and one week after printing. The color was very, very close after one week. It would not be a good thing to compare them immediately after printing.

So far the prints are very good and in good agreement, although I will probably tweak the profiles a bit. I have them in longevity testing on my office west facing windowsill with a book covering half of both an Epson print and the MS print (same print) on Ilford Galeriea Smooth Pearl. Other than that, I found that the differences were really pretty small. In some places the Epson was better (cyans and yellows) and in some places the MS was better (greens, reds and flesh tones). This agrees with comparing the color gamuts in the profiles for this paper - the gamuts are very close.

I think the differences are predominantly in the profiling - i.e. the gamut of either ink is vastly larger than the display so they both are a bit off from the display.

However, if you use the Epson profiles with the MS ink, you get ok results, but not that great (mediocre). But, that is to be expected anyhow - sort of like borrowing a friends glasses and expecting them to see clearly. Nikonman seems to be saying that he used the Epson ink/Epson Paper profiles with the MS inks - and if that is the case, then I would expect those to be disappointing as well. Anyhow, it would be good to hear what profiles he used on which papers with which inks.

I found the differences to be so small that I am going to go ahead with installing the MS Niagara IV CIS (hopefully this week - renovating my home office) and do some more testing. I'll probably go and buy the Printfix Pro package and see what I can do with some better profiles anyhow - been dying for a reason to do that.

I think what is important is that you test them for yourself; in your printer on the papers you use. To that end, Mediastreet will allow you to buy a cart set for 40% off to test them out. I think other ink suppliers have similar offers.

Once you go through this, you will understand a ton more about your papers and ink choices - all good things.

As well, the cost savings are considerable so there is a very nice benefit as well. For example, a set of 8-4oz bottles (one set for the R1800) from Mediastreet costs $159. That is about the same amount of ink as 8 sets of cartridges from Epson. The cost for that from Epson using Atlex as a source is $10.95 x 8 cartridges x 8 sets or $700.80. The cost savings is then $541.80. If you buy a CIS system (use $300) then you are $241.80 to the good on the first 8 cartridges including purchasing the CIS. I've gone through that much in the last three months alone. So, even for a low volume printer like me, the savings are compelling. Given the quality is about the same and in some cases better - it is kind of a no brainer for me.


i3c wrote:

i'm trying to reconcile these completely different experiences.
john says mediastreet ink = good. nikonman says garbage.

what can account for the differences?

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