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Al Gore and the Internet

mrmagoo1962 wrote:

Free elections in Afghanistan and Iraq? That was a direct result of
Al Gore inventing the internet dontcha know.


Actually, Al Gore gets a bum rap on this. Back when he was in the Senate, he was one of the prime movers in getting legislation enacted that was important to the creation of the Internet. He was pushing for it back in the mid 80s.

Al Gore and the Creation of the Internet

Scroll down about half way to see the kind of legislation he was involved in. And some excerpts from Senate speeches where he was promoting a (non-existent at the time) "Information Highway", back in the mid 1980s. This was the Apple II era. He was truly a visionary and a heavy weight mover and shaker in creating the Internet

Sometimes the late night comedians are wrong. It is sad that the popular history of this has been so distorted.

I should state that I am not otherwise a fan of Al Gore. Noooo, no no.


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