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Re: efillink refill kits

It is unrealistic to presume that Epson's profiles would work with any other ink. You wouldn't use another paper with Epson ink and the Epson profile and presume that would work either.

The only place Epson's profiles are useful is for Epson ink with Epson paper. Period.

You will not find an ink that precisely matches Epson. The gamuts are all slightly different. Some inks are have a better/wider gamut, some don't. You can compare these in the colorsync utility (on a mac). I would guess there is a similar facility on Windows. Then you can see for yourself.

You will need to use profiles for your new ink if you use a CIS. Unless, of course, you find a way to get bulk Epson inks. If so, please tell us.


nikonman1957 wrote:

I've read your review with GREAT INTEREST. Please tell me that
these inks ACTUALLY WORK. Price is not an issue with me. I print
400-500 prints a week and have been looking for a way to save on
ink... and yes, I've tried several 3rd party ink/CIS systems. My
main issue is that I don't want to re-profile all the different
papers I use. I like the Epson profiles... THEY WORK! Any feedback
is welcome!

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