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Re: Favoritism

It's very frustrating indeed. More and more people know less and less. I suppose with the profusion of equipment (how many are on the market at any given time and as an example Panasonic's recent announcements this year alone seem to be 6 to date and the year's only half over....) how can anyone keep up, and so the simplistic reliance on brand.

I was once told that if a college stopped teaching altogether it would take about 5 years for the outside world to find out and for the school's reputation to fall into the crapper.... So where are we today. I look at even the in-depth reviews on this site, and my head spins. Noise, ISO, shutter speed, aperture range, lag, flash synch, on and on. You wind up totally confused. So what to do? Me, I grew up on a Leica M2 so I swear by the optics. And in my mind Panasonic is the "Cadillac" of Japanese electronics firms. So Pan+Leica = the best of both worlds? In reality a digital camera is 90% electronic -- if the electronics fail the best lens won't make up for it. So while Canon, Nikon, Olympus, even Sony and other Japanese CCDs failed in mass quantities a year or so ago. Panasonic was the ONLY one whose CCDs did NOT fail. I can't say if Kodak sensors failed; I just don't remember. Anyhow, my son had a Canon camcorder; its sensor failed -- Canon paid for shipping & the repair 1+ year beyond warranty.

So am i a loyal Canon person? In part, yes. Did I ever have a Canon; yes. I had a tank of a camera. And at the end of the film era I bought a Rebel G "because". Any problems with them. No. I had an Olympus some years back. totally analog/manual. Any problems? No.

Sony? Problems? yes. resolved. no. Minolta? none (but KM is dying on the vine so why buy one of theirs?).

Then again, Panasonic appears to be higher priced for what seems to be the "same" features. Is there a good reason for it? I HAVE NO CLUE but I hope so. That's why I have an FZ10. Love it. NO problems w/ it since '03. Taken 1,000s of pix. Noise an issue? Not to me. Kicking myself for not buying an LC1 -- yup. But happy I didn't plunk down $1500++ now that the L1 is coming out. I figure I SAVED money by waiting!!!

Only problem: do I buy one on line? It's $2,000. that's a lot. So if I do it will be from a reliable store. Reliable Store????? O MI GOD. Now I've taken it to the next level!!!!

Shoot me!!!!

Have fun.

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