Smugmug vs. Zenfolio!

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Smugmug vs. Zenfolio!

Hopefully this is the right place to post, as I'm selling my pictures on my Smugmug site. If it belongs elsewhere please move it mods

Ok, here is a gallery on Smugmug vs the same gallery on Zenfolio. My Smugmug subscription is coming up and I'm having a hard time deciding which site to pick!


+Lets me customize my site. This lets me put up a Frelowphotos header, as well as create blank galleries to use to embed video with HTML.

+Lets me sell pictures for a profit

+Has Keywords! I can instantly find all pictures I've ever taken of Earl+Toni together, not really possible on Zenfolio. This is possibly the biggest plus for me

-Slow navigation
-More expensive for the selling+custom hostname plan

+Quicker when browsing pictures

+Plans to have both Print + Downloadable picture selling by the end of the year

+Better presentation I think

+Lets me go many folders deep instead of 3 on Smugmug

-No selling pictures YET (hopefully will be ready by next Track season)
-Zenfolio icons everywhere, Smugmug only has a small footer on my other site

Can anyone think of any others? I need to make a decision by next Tuesday so I'm really freaking out! Zenfolio is supposed to have their photo selling capabilities by the end of the year, which would be good enough for me if they live up to that.

Please give me any input you can!

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