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Re: 5D for sports/children

Sports/childrens activities and Macro will benefit from the 30D, while Portrait and Landscape will be more in the 5D's realm. Image quality will be very similar between the two AF,color balance, WB and shutter lag are all the same (no measurable difference) the high ISO will be better on the 5D but again ever so slight compare the cameras on this site. And at long last will the FF sensor make a significant difference in your photography, only you can say yes or no. Personally I've tried most of them out (300D, 350D, 10D, 20D, 30D, 1Dmk2, 1Dmk2N, 5D) I currently own the 30D and the 1Dmk2N, the 30D does a great job. Why not got to a store try some test shots and compare them yourself....

DM1DM wrote:

Thank you for the assistance! My photography ratios are
approximately 50% sports/childrens' activities; 25% portraits; 20%
landscapes; and 5% macro. IMAGE QUALITY is the most important
issue, and certainly cost is a significant consideration. Is the
5D worth the extra cost regarding autofocus, high ISO noise,
shutter lag, white balance correction, color accuracy, intangibles,
etc.? How about the full-frame sensor? Will it make a significant
difference in my photography?
Thank you again for allowing me to tap into your knowledge and

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