K100D compared to DS

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K100D compared to DS

Here are some differences I noticed between the 2 cameras.

1. Pointed at a white wall with the same 31Le lens on both cameras the K100D sets exposure at 1/90 at f2.4. The DS picks 1/125 at f2.4. There is a little less than half a step difference between them. The DS seems to underexpose more.
2. AF seems faster with K100D. This is harder for me to test.

3. Grip is different than DS or even DL. It is more angular at the front. It is slightly more comfortable than the DS (as is the DL). Maybe very slightly better than DL.
4. Memory card door slides open on K100D. Seems to work fine

5. Strap lug on memory card side points up instead of out. Coupled with new door it seems to clear the strap better.

6. The color in the white wall shots is different in the 2 cameras. The DS is bluer. Both shot on incandescent WB. I have not viewed on computer or printed them. Not sure if this a pic difference or screen difference.
7. K100D has SR. This seems to work well.
8. Menu has manual focal length settings when lens doesn't report focal length.

9. Builtin flash is taller. It darkens the bottom of the picture much less when used with the 18-55 at 18 with hood. Much less.

10. One of my prayers has been answered. The K100D has an extra mode in playback (hit info button 1 more time). It allows A CLEAR LCD SCREEN WITH NO RAW/JPEG, 4 WAY CONTROLLER, OR FRAME # in the way. You can use the beautiful 2.5 inch screen totally unobstructed by anything. Thank you Pentax.

11. New battery door. Seems as sturdy and maybe a little easier to use. Still has yellow battery position indicators inside. I hate using other products that use black on black battery labeling.
12. FN button brings up pic of 4 way contoller on lcd. Looks nice.
13. Digital filter has many more color options to play with.
14. Mode dial has new setting adding more scenes.

15. Viewfinder on K100D is smaller than DS. This doesn't seem to bother me as much as on DL. May just be I am using a different lens. Don't have a DL here for comparision.

16. Lcd doesn't black out at any angle. Horizontal or Vertical. Wow. Much easier to see and to judge exposure.

17. Menu adds optical or digital preview. Seems to take away instant review dsply- choice of normal or view with histogram. With K100D you may have to hit info to do that. Not sure, forgot to bring the IB home.

18. 4 way controller doughnut is made of 4 seperate parts vs 1 on DS. I think DS is a little easier for me since I am used to it. The K100D seems to need a harder push vs DS. Maybe my DS is wearing a little. Maybe I am trying to justify a new camera.

19. The cable release, pc video, acadapter door has been redesigned. It looks stronger now. Still springs open.
20, Iso shows up in viewfinder when you hit OK button.

21. Looking at isos on menu will show range that you have decided camera can adjust.

With all these changes I can pick either camera up and not miss a beat shooting. They both have the soul of a Pentax. Good job Pentax. Bring on the K10D. I hope this helps everyone.

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