Another Photographer Arrested

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Re: Another Photographer Arrested

Leave it to the political geniuses to bring national leadership into the situation.

The Philadelphia police don’t want people taking photos of their activities. I can see where things are often taken out of context. People often miss the violent resistance of the person being arrested and get only the police reaction.

I think the public good is overall served better by the police knowing that anything they do can be photographed and filmed. That knowledge probably restricts overreaction.

If the ACLU rep who commented is correct then the law will likely be overturned by the courts as being unconstitutional. If it can’t be overturned on those grounds then it is up to the voters of Philadelphia to let it be known that the law is unreasonable. A few more cases of bystanders being hauled off as criminals because they snapped a picture is likely to cause a groundswell of indignation.

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