P880 raw samples please?

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RawTherapee v. SilkyPix

I did some comparisons between SilkyPix 2.0.2 and Raw Therapee 1.1-pre1.

In order for Raw Therapee to decode the P880 raw file, I had to convert it in DNG first (I used Adobe Lightroom Beta3 for that).

I somehow aligned the WB between the two conversions, and applied USM to both, same amount.

First crops comparison:

Raw Therapee gave a sharper result, but, do you see the jaggies along diagonal lines?

Let's see another region of the image:

Again, there are some more high-frequency details in R.T. conversion. Since shadows are more open too, I decided to align the conversion from SilkyPix, by applying some Shadow/Highlights within Photoshop (Shadow = 20%, Highlights = 0%).
I also applied another pass of USM to the upper image.

Here the crops are much more similar. I still see some more hi-freq details in Raw Therapee, but also more noise/artifacts in uniform areas.

Let's see if this is true examining the sky:

I'd say, yes, confirmed... more high-frequency details along with more digital noise/artifacts in the output from Raw Therapee.

This is quite aligned with what we've seen yesterday from Vuescan, which uses DCRaw engine to perform the demosaicing pass: DCRaw is based, too, on the "Adaptive Homogeneity-directed Demosaicing Algorythm", as is Raw Therapee (sure there will be differences in how the two authors implemented the base algorythm, but outputs share many common traits).

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