MC 35 GPS Cable now wireless bluetooth GPS connected

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Re: MC 35 GPS Cable now wireless bluetooth GPS connected

Mike Whitton wrote:

I have also gotten a similar config working. Using the F2M01 with
the MC-35 (modified with brown wire connected to pin 9) and a
GlobalSat BT-359w. After checking the GPS forums, it seems that
this was one of the best bluetooth GPS's available in a small form

Also, DO NOT try to use a Socket Cordless Serial Adapter, this unit
does not allow Flow Control to be disabled, so it will not work.

The Garmin Foretrex 101 also will not work, this unit will only
output NMEA data when it receives a non-zero voltage on pin 3.

Everything else works exactly as described, once the unit is paired
and the serial port output is configured to what the camera is
expecting to receive the unit works flawlessly. Thanks Kasper for
the great idea...

Hi Mike

I use a Foretrex 101 with a MC-35 on my D2x and it works perfectly:

I used the bycicle mount to mount it on the flash shoe and did connect the serial wires directly to the board of the MC-35 to save space. But it works also with the RS-232 connector.

PS: The yellow GPS unit is the RedHen solution.

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