P880 raw samples please?

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Thanks! Replies...

Many thanks to all of you for your contributions!

Replies in random order

  • Yes, plan to give Bibble and other raw converters a try, including Raw Therapee through DNG if still necessary.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS does not support P880 Raw files: an upgrade to CS2 is needed (you will need Adobe Camera Raw 3.3 at least, while CS stops to 2.4)

  • I am delighted by the smoothness of SilkyPix, too. Lightroom pulls out some more real details, but the noise is quite more visible. In the end SilkyPix may provide a better balance.

  • The best reasons to shoot Raw... there are so many of them, that I don't know where to start from.

Let's see:

1. Ability to control all the conversion parameters at "developing" time instead that sticking to what the camera adopted when the JPG was created

2. Far better control of detail extraction and noise suppression, even on a per-conversion basis
3. Ability to set WB after the shot to better reproduce scene colors
4. Ability to compensate (to a point) under- and over-exposures, after the shot

5. Better tonality and richness, more headroom for postprocessing (ability to save in 16 bits/channel = 48 bits vs. 24)

6. Larger gamut, Color Management control (from Raw to ProPhotoRGB, for example, instead of sticking in sRGB or AdobeRGB)


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