Tips for nailing exposure on the D1X.

Started Jul 24, 2006 | Discussions thread
Frank Benvenuto Contributing Member • Posts: 843
Re: Tips for nailing exposure on the D1X.

You already got great advice about metering.. I will add this.. This really is no reason to meter these days.. You have the best meter right in your hands.. Instant review of your photos.. The LCD on your camera with histograph turned on is all you need. Take a shot, review it and made adjustments accordingly..

Of course if you reach a higher lever of commercial photography you might want to meter strobes so you can balance your light.. But overall, you can do all that just by looking at the LCD.. There is no method then trial and error..

The other tool you have access to is your DOF button.. Press it and look into the viewfinder.. It will tell you if you have the correct aperture for the desired look you want..

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