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Steadman Uhlich Senior Member • Posts: 1,123
Advice to a New Owner: #7 Set to Servo got that new scooter/bike for your kid...and he/she loves you want to get a shot of him/her on it...having fun.

And if the kid is doing something important that involves motion (like jumping on a trampoline for instance) ...and you are not using flash (you aren't are you?) but instead you are using natural ambient light...then switch the camera to AI Servo instead of One Shot.

That's right...that little button on top that says "DRIVE" will change it for you...

Note: You gotta have your camera set to something like Program...the top of the "dial" if you will and don't expect your flash to work when using Servo..

Why? So you can keep that kid in focus the whole time while he is on his new bike...or new scooter or whatever. It is simple to use...a great feature of the camera...and it will help you get more good shots. And just shooot...lots of exposures of the kid in motion. That's it...shoot and shoot...hold that finger down and burn some images. Go with the idea that if only one out of 5 images is have done it right...really.

This is one of the easiest ways to get a series of great motion shots using the 4 frames per second capability of the D30. If outside, use ISO 400 and shoot like crazy...have fun. If shooting to produce just 4x6 images...don't shoot it will slow you/camera down. Not getting too technical here...(wink).

Now...take three of those images and print them...and mount them together...showing the "motion" of the kid...your family will really appreciate those shots.

Caveat: This setting is good for some shots but not all. general use the one shot setting...but for those motion pics...try will like it.

Good luck and good light to you.


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