>>>>Challenge 122: VOTE HERE!<<<<

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>>>>Challenge 122: VOTE HERE!<<<<

Bottles' power is still out - he is terrible sorry that he was unable to continue hosting during this time. Hopefully it will be restored soon, but since many people have had gotten their power back and then lost it again, he's asked me to post the results thread also, so that we don't have to worry about it.

Thanks to everyone who entered - there was an increase in the number of entries this time, and the imgages are truly outstanding! Thank you, Bottles, for picking an excellent topic, and doing a wonderful and enthusiastic hosting job until the storms took out your electricity! Thanks also to all who helped out, including the thread bumpers and everyone who commented on the entries. Special thanks to Denise, who has helped a lot with hosting, and to Mike Fitzgerald for his vote-counting spreadsheet and for posting the time charts!

Now it's time to vote - it's not easy, but PLEASE VOTE...even if you didn't submit an entry.
Finals stats for the Challenge:

• 119 images were entered in all, 49 in the Eligible gallery and 70 in Exhibition.
• 40 photographers were represented, 23 in Eligible and 34 in Exhibition.


Voting time frame

• You will have 48 hours to review both galleries and make your choices. Voting ends at 10:00pm EST (New York time), on Wednesday, July 26,2006. An international time chart will be soon available on the Challenge 121 main page.
The Challenge theme

• Please keep in mind the challenge theme, "Something Old", when you are voting.

The Numbers

• First, you must cast 4 points for your favorite single photo in each of the galleries you vote for. If your time is very short, PLEASE try to choose at least one favorite entry from each gallery.

• After awarding your 4-point favorite, you can then award up to 12 more points in each gallery that you're voting for. That means you have 16 points total to work with for each gallery (32 points total for both galleries). You're not required to cast any or all of these additional 12 points, or to cast them the same way in each gallery. You can spread the remaining votes as you prefer -- that is, you can award the remaining 12 points however you like, keeping in mind the following guidelines:
• Award between 1 and 4 points to each of your additional choices.
• PLEASE use the following syntax when listing your votes:

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4 - Title by Artist (your favorite photo).
? - Title by Artist (between 1 & 4 pts)
? - [repeat for up to a grand total of 16 pts for the gallery]

Same as for "Eligible"

• Honorable mentions & comments... as many as you like.


Please DO --
• vote within this thread only
• vote by replying directly to this opening post only & not under someone else
• use only the voting layout shown above...it REALLY helps those who tally

Please DO NOT --
• post at a second indent, under someone else's votes: yours may be missed
• use reversed or fancy layouts, with dot leaders or extra spaces or dashes
• list "placements" -- please show only the votes
• put line breaks in your votes

These "DO"s and "DO NOT"s are friendly suggestions by those who tally and cross-check votes. Things really go A LOT more smoothly when these simple guidelines are followed. Thanks for helping us out!

To show appreciation for each other's work, please vote for photos other than your own & do so honestly in the good spirit of these challenges by reviewing the merits of ALL the photos. None of the "header" photos are meant to receive any votes. Please vote, whether you entered photos or not. Thanks again to ALL who contributed to this challenge with photos and commentary. Good luck to everyone!
Katherine Kenison

Links to the galleries:

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